Photo Gallery

5 men standing

Meet The Crew

These are the guys that run our production department at SERVPRO of St. Joseph, Maryville. 

They are all hard working and very dedicated to the brand.  They consistently get rave reviews on customer service and their communication skills.  The hours that they work can sometimes be long and dirty but they all always seem to have a smile on their faces.  All of them are constantly working on training in the field and on the computer to update their certifications.  We could not be more proud of them all.  We are always looking for additional positive technicians to add to this crew. Thank you: Matt, Sean, Zack, Barry and Lucas! 

Corner of flooded room

After Demo from Water Damage

Why SERVPRO?  When you have water damage and need to dry behind the drywall, do you know how to cut out the drywall without causing further damage?  Or certified trained professionals sure do.  Skip the hassle and call SERVPRO of St. Joseph, Maryville


Fire damaged bedroom

Fire damage in Upper bedroom

Fires can be devastating.  Luckily no one was injured in this fire.  The damage was extensive but we were able to get it cleaned up for them.  

Flooded Storage Room

Storage Room Flood

When your storage room floods and you want to try to salvage your belongings give SERVPRO a call.  We know everyone has special items stored away, make sure they are up on a shelf or in a plastic container.  

Flooded Storage Room

High School Storage Room

When a local high school calls because a storage room has flooded you jump into action.  We were able to save all of the items in these areas before damage set in.  

Wet Floor by assembly line

Assembly Line Water Damage

When your warehouse floods and you want to get the assembly line up and running, we can get you back in business in no time.  No job is too big!  Give SERVPRO of St. Joseph, Maryville a call


Flooded basement

Before and After of Flooded Basement

The before and after of a flooded basement.  These homeowners were smart to put items up off the floor on a storage shelf.  Also it is a great idea to put items in plastic containers for security.  

Church Basement Water Damage

This local church in Elwood Kansas had flooding in their basement area and SERVPRO was able to quickly help and remove the water out of the kitchen and recreational area.

Water Damaged Ceiling

Commercial Ceiling Water Damage

After this large commercial building had a leak from above, they called SERVPRO of St. Joseph to help make this water damage look "Like it never even happened." We will get the job done quickly and properly!

Continuing Education

We host continuing education courses that help to inform insurance agents of the different types of restoration that we do (mold, fire, water, etc). These classes are required for agents, free, and overall a great learning opportunity.

Drying equipment for large loss

Large Loss at the American Electric Co. Building

This large water damage affected roughly 60,000 square feet of space. SERVPRO of St. Joseph and its professional crew responded to this loss quickly and began repairs to restore the property!

Campus Support

Benedictine College had water pouring from their 3rd floor down the center columns to the first floor.  This was an amazing job and took some serious team effort.  The building did not have to be shut down, classes went on as scheduled. 

Large Loss Support

No job is too big or small.  We have the support of all the area SERVPRO's plus some great large loss teams.  This was a water job for a multi story building in downtown St. Joseph.